3 Major functions

Personnel Planner timesheet has three major functions that are very much related.

  • Fully automatic and integrated planner, to prevent understaffing or overstaffing
  • Advanced leave card system with automatic calculations
  • Time keeping: administration of projects hours with a pre-filled timesheet



A major bank has checked its security and approved it. The bank hired security specialists to see if there was any way they could break into the system. They issued a certificate approving the system.



One of the top 3 banks in The Netherlands has been using Personnel Planner for years now. We also installed our handy single sign on tool so the system can be accessed without a password by means of a single sign on.
We have been providing our customers with cloud software for years now. As a matter of fact, cloud computing is not a new technology for us; we have been developing Internet software since 1999.
Updating has been made easy for you. You do not have to do anything; it is all done by us.


Every leave request shows its impact on the planning, and thanks to the Planner, the manager has a direct insight on the new planning. In addition to calculating the actual hours for this employee in the given period, it divides the hours by leave types (some leave types include hours that expire; therefore, an employee may want to use these up first).

qode interactive strata

End of year support

Every end of the year, a balance is calculated per employee, which is used in the next year. This is done automatically. Likewise, the employees automatically get their new hours every year. The system is also aware of any rules regarding the obtainment of extra holiday hours when an employee reaches a certain age (an extra senior day).

We love complex

Employee working schedules can be complex, and it becomes even more complex when combined with multiple requirement rules for understaffing. The system can provide the planner with alternatives if needed.
Think of 50 employees with different working schedules. Some employees may work “normal” 40-hour weeks while others work 40 and 32 hours every other week. There may also exist schedules that are repeated every 20 weeks.

qode interactive strata
qode interactive strata

Requirements rules for understaffing

You can add rules to the system so that it knows when a department or location is understaffed.
For instance:
Let’s see a simple rule: A department must always have two employees working at any given time. If one of them asks for a leave, this rule will be displayed and the manager will be helped in an optimum way.
Now, a more complex rule: A department must always have two employees working with the competence of a Senior Advisor and at least 1 employee with the competence of a Junior Advisor.

Companywide employable

You can use the system for all employees, even if some departments do not have requirement rules or they only have simple rules.

Turn features on or off

You can turn features or modules on or off. For instance, you do not have to use a project timesheet template at all or you can turn this feature off by employee.


We are talking about leave hours, but it actually translated into money. All the changes made are logged and can be viewed if required. It can also be used as a bookkeeping system to book journal entries.

Always up to date

The whole system always displays up-to-date data. Everything is constantly recalculated if needed.

User-friendly application

Providing user-friendly systems is always on top of our list when we are developing software. Personnel Planner is very user-friendly, and we always listen to our clients for any improvements to be made.

Any device (Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones)

Personnel Planner is modern software that can be used with devices such as Tablets, iPads and Mobile Phones.


As we use cloud software, we can instantly increase the system’s power by adding memory, disk space, etc.


The leave request takes holidays into account and it will not deduct these hours from your vacation.

Automatic Advice for Solving Understaffing

Your planner is helped. Personnel Planner will advise you on whom to plan in order to prevent understaffing.